Business Design Charrettes by Valerie Bertrand



Formulate the thoughts, methods and procedures while factoring time and resources.



Build the most creative business through planning and innovation.



Carry plans out through proper performance and leadership.



Creative & Confidential Problem Solving

A business design charrette is a creative solution for individuals, small to large companies, and corporations who are reaching for their fullest potential.


Valerie Bertrand of True Wealth Consulting incorporates a unique set of professional diversity.  Her versatility, extensive knowledge, experimental, take charge and never stuck in a box attitude, is the quality she brings to any think-tank project.


Valerie gets excited about her clients' success! With a business design charrette, your endeavors are elevated using a straightforward approach to uncover the deeper algorithms to any complex problem providing tangible solutions to any complex process.


Business Outside of the Box

Is an extension of True Wealth Consulting that offers an innovative approach to brainstorming professional ideas in an organized manor that leads to thought-provoking, stimulating discussions that leads to a conclusive plan of approach specifically for business matters.

Better your creative practice. Better your work performance.

Business Outside of the Box offers wildly creative business design charrette options to organize ideas into a focused, executable direction.