Design Charettes by Valerie Bertrand

Creating World Solutions

A business design charette is a creative solution for individuals, small to large companies, enterprises and world leaders who are reaching for their fullest potential. They offer a process of in-depth planning that lead to a successful approach to any objective, project or development.

Through Personalized Sessions

Your personalized session is an intensive period of collaborative problem solving. It requires a team of your closest allies to capture the ideas of each member which are then translated into a blueprint.

Employing Masterful Thinking

Each think-tank session is highly confidential and uniquely tailored to suit the objectives of the individual who is responsible for carrying plans out through proper performance and leadership.

Formulating Successful Blueprints

At the end of the session you are left with valuable insights from having extrapolated all of the knowledge from stakeholders through powerfully led discussions which you can implement into blueprints of powerful plans of action.

Customizes Your Needs

Each business design charette is customizable to meet the needs of your project or desired outcomes. Valerie Bertrand of True Wealth Consulting is the host and is a master at incorporating a unique set of professional diversity in her business approach to problem solving.

Elevating Your Success as a Leader

With a business design charette, your endeavors are elevated using a straightforward approach to uncover the deeper algorithms to any complex problem providing tangible solutions to any complex process.


Creative & Confidential Problem Solving

Business Outside of the Box is an extension of True Wealth Consulting that offers an innovative approach to brainstorming professional ideas in an organized manor that leads to corporate leadership, community developments, and especially underdeveloped communities and cutting-edge leadership programs.

Valerie Bertrand, of True Wealth Consulting, is the host of each business design charette. Her versatility and extensive knowledge in a wide range of subjects, along with her exploratory, take charge and never stuck in a box attitude, is the quality she brings to any think-tank project.

Business Outside of the Box


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